Electric toothbrush purchase skills


It is well known that electric toothbrushes have better tooth cleaning ability than ordinary toothbrushes, and we can also clean our teeth to different degrees by adjusting the mode of the toothbrush.But there are thousands of electric toothbrushes on the market. Which one is more suitable for us and which one has the highest cost performance?What are the main factors we should consider when choosing an electric toothbrush?

First if we have the old man home or a small child, we are to give them to buy an electric toothbrush, should choose the best electric tooth brush is soft and small brush head, because the electric toothbrush general power is small, can very good protection of the old man and child's fragile periodontal and gum development.At the same time, it is also convenient for the elderly and children to clean the gums, so that the toothbrush bristles can go deep into the mouth to clean the back teeth of the elderly and children.

Secondly, for most of us young people, especially in the work of the young people, often not without drinking and drinking tea and other daily communication activities.At this time Xiaobian suggests that we all choose a high-speed electric toothbrush, it is able to produce high speed brush head vibration.It can maximize the cleaning strength of the electric toothbrush, so as to better protect our gums and clean our teeth better. However, the price of this kind of high-speed electric toothbrush is relatively expensive.Because this kind of toothbrush in addition to high speed vibration, there are toothbrush strength selection and toothbrush different gear selection, so that we can better choose the best and the most suitable strength of our brushing.